• Reiki treatments may be used as part of a treatment plan to help relieve Depression. A 2010 study looked at the effects of reiki on older adults experiencing pain, depression, or anxiety. The participants reported an improvement in their physical symptoms, mood, and well-being. They also reported more feelings of relaxation, increased curiosity, and enhanced levels of self-care.
  • The positive benefits of reiki can enhance your overall well-being. Researchers in 2016 found that reiki was helpful in improving the quality of life for women with cancer. Women who had reiki showed improvements to their sleep patterns, self-confidence, and depression levels. They noted a sense of calm, inner peace, and relaxation.
  • Reiki may help to improve your mood by relieving anxiety and depression. According to results from a 2011 study, people who had reiki felt greater mood benefits compared to people who didn’t have reiki.
Reiki Treats Depression, Stress and Grief